GoliathTech Screw Piles: Simply Superior


Steel + Zn

Superior quality galvanized steel, worthy of the most ambitious projects.
Our galvanizing process protects steel against corrosion to guarantee maximum product longevity. No matter the area where they are installed, GoliathTech piles remain in perfect condition for a very long time. It’s guaranteed!

Double Protection.png

GoliathTech Double Protection

Fights frost and thawing soil movements on all fronts: inside-out.

Piles designed to last. Guaranteed.

1) The inside of GoliathTech piles is filled with polyurethane to prevent ice accumulation inside the pile. (Piles with a diameter over 6 5/8" do not contain polyurethane.)

2) The 60Ksi steel piles are fully galvanized to protect the tubes as well as the heads and helixes against physical deterioration. (Piles 4 1/2" and larger use 55Ksi steel.)

GoliathTech vs Others.png


When detail makes the difference.
GoliathTech pile heads are equipped with a nut-fastening system. This exclusive anchoring solution allows the structure to be installed directly on the piles, thereby preventing lateral or vertical movement.

  • Zero movement
  • Superior resistance to wrenching

Goliath Connect.png


Piles with reinforced joints.

The GoliathConnect joint system allows a pile to be extended by joining two tubes using a locking bolt. Contrary to the competition’s solution, this innovation strengthens long piles and eliminates risk of movement.